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The official item site is buymightysight.com, which was enrolled in Walk 2018. The screen capture underneath shows how the item site glanced in September 2019. Strong Sight are a type of nonprescription eye-wear with focal points that amplify and worked in battery-powered LEDs. As of this June 2020 update, the official site is as yet on the web and the item is as yet being promoted.

Strong Sight is an As Observed on television pair of perusing glasses with worked in Drove lights. As I opened the Strong Sight bundling, I understood that the conveying case publicized on the site didn’t accompany my locally acquired buy.

All things being equal, I got a conveying sack, which isn’t a major issue, however I was marginally amazed. At that point I continued to peruse the guidelines which expressed that the glasses ought to be worn on the tip of the nose rather than on the extension of the nose. What I discovered fascinating about this all the entertainers in the Powerful Sight business were wearing them on the scaffold of their nose – which is off base per the guidelines.

The charging port and on/off button for Mighty Sight

As a short examination, I gave wearing the glasses a shot the scaffold of my nose rather than the tip, and they seemed to work about the equivalent. My next test was to wear them over a couple of solution glasses.

For my next test, I utilized the USB charger to completely charge the LEDs. At that point I turned the Drove lights on let to perceive how long they would last. After around three and a half hours, the LEDs were discernibly dimmer.

Now, I endeavored to utilize the glasses to peruse a nutrient container in obscurity. I was unable to peruse the print on the jug. Subsequent to energizing the lights for around 30 minutes, I had the option to peruse the print on the grotrax customer reviews nutrient container in obscurity utilizing the completely energized LED’s. The directions do express that the Drove’s should just give around 3 hours of light, so that appeared to be precise.

All in all, Strong Sight is basically a couple of 1.6x perusing glasses with LEDs appended. Perusing glasses are less expensive and less cumbersome, so the mighty choice to buy Strong Sight basically comes down to the choice of whether taking care of the lit component is justified, despite all the trouble or not.

Mighty Sight of Features


The main component of this item is the focal points that amplify all that you take a gander at by 160%. Powerful Sight’s intended interest group is any individual who needs to truly center to have the mighty option to see things very close. Regularly this would be individuals of cutting edge age whose visual perception has been weakening over the long haul. In any case, the glasses would clearly be useful for anybody with vision troubles or somebody without vision issues who needs to see things very close.

Fit Over Any Glasses

You can wear these glasses alone on the off chance that you don’t wear glasses and you need to amplify something. Nonetheless, you can likewise wear them over remedy glasses, or even shades. This item is by all accounts very flexible.

Optical Quality Focal point

The focal point utilized in these glasses is exceptionally great, as per the maker, and utilizations ideal amplification innovation. These are mighty clearly not remedy glasses, but rather they should be similarly as high caliber as optical focal points.

How it’s Different from Competitors

The majority of the contending items really fall into a comparative value range as Strong Sight. By a long shot most of other amplification glasses are solutionThese glasses look similar to lab glasses as well. They don’t have Driven lights, but at the same time they’re lightweight and customizable. Another pair really has a Driven head magnifier that you glance through to see the bigger picture. Strong Sight does entirely well close to the opposition generally.

Where oh Where Have They Gone?

I requested two sets back in August however got a warning that they we’re behind in transportation. I at long last got an email on September 18 that they sent with a following number – well. it’s presently mighty sight customer service October 5 and still no glasses – called Powerful Sight. They said they won’t consider them “lost” until they are a month behind the transportation date. Following the shipment has become a night Horse. They we’re sent from 9/17 – Las Vegas, to 9/29 – California, 9/22 – Indiana, and POOF.

They were no more! In any case, Newsistics – transporting accomplice? Shows that on 9/23 Finished dumping at the conveyance area in Creek Park Ohio – 20 minutes drive. My home and that 9/24 got by Delivery Accomplice in Grafton. Ohio however USPS has no record of that part of the following – if not for the way. I requested the two offer and was charged $37.00 – which hit my Mastercard. The day they dispatched from Las Vegas, I’d simply fail to remember it yet this is truly disturbing me. Subsequent to perusing the terrible audits, I’m speculating they presumably won’t work or break rapidly. So disillusioning.

Could it be said that you are continually squinting and stressing while attempting to see very close? What’s more, in low lit regions i’;s significantly harder to see! Mighty Sight glasses, the Drove lit magnifying eyewear, will assist you with seeing point by point errands greater, more clear, and more brilliant immediately!

Mighty Sight Drove glasses give 160% amplification so you can see anything very close and with perfectly clear lucidity. The top quality optical focal points use new amplification innovation, permitting you to see with fantastic detail and with practically no eye strain. Disregard that cumbersome handheld magnifying glass, with Mighty Sight, you can see everything exhaustively while keeping your hands totally free.

While you’re working in a low light region, simply click on the underlying Drove lights for additional splendor. Mighty Sight Magnifying Glasses With Light Seen On television are one size fits all and effectively slips over solution eyeglasses, contacts, or even sunglasses or simply wear them all alone. This Drove magnifying eyewear likewise accompanies a helpful conveying case.

Highlights: 160% Amplification sans hands, wearable amplification Worked in Drove resembles individual headlights – super splendid Implicit Switch On/Off Change For Drove Lights Simple to utilize, just slip on and go Fits over your solution glasses Makes everything more straightforward to see, more honed, more clear text Further develop the visual exactness See Little and Complex Subtleties…


  • 160% Amplification
  • Sans hands, wearable amplification
  • Inherent Drove resembles individual headlights – super splendid
  • Underlying Switch On/Off Switch For Drove Lights
  • Simple to utilize, basically slip on and go
  • Fits over your solution glasses
  • Makes everything more straightforward to see, more honed, more clear text
  • Work on the visual exactness
  • See Little and Perplexing Subtleties – Takes out Eye Strain
  • Incredible for papers, marks, solutions, little print, sewing, fixes and more
  • USB builtin battery-powered battery – No Batteries Required!
  • Widespread Miniature USB, you can charge it all over the place
  • Gender neutral – One Size Fits All


  • Battery: Worked in Rechargable Lithium Polymer 3.7V, 90 mAh (included)
  • Recharing: General Miniature USB Link
  • Aspects (LxWxD): 17cm x 17cm x 4cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Weight: 140g

Package includes:

  • 1 x Mighty Sight, 1 x USB link, 1 x delicate case, 1 x Guidance Manual

How To Utilize:

  • Driven magnifying glasses is straightforward and simple to utilize, put them on your head like an ordinary sets of glasses and turn the On/Off change to light.
  • Driven magnifying glasses can be worn alone or over remedy eyeglasses or contacts. It ought to be worn close to the tip of your nose, NOT similarly situated you would wear ordinary glasses.
  • While wearing over remedy glasses or sunglasses, leave space between Drove magnifying glasses and your different glasses to track down the best central length for you.

Cleaning & Care:

To eliminate light soil and fingerprints, utilize the delicate optical cleaning material. For extremely filthy focal points, use water or an impartial cleanser to wash them. Try not to utilize weighty power to clean focal points as this might cause scratching.

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