Keen Smart Vents Review – One of The Finest Smart Vents

Keen Home has delivered some equipment and firmware refreshes that have altogether changed the item experience. Our review has been refreshed to mirror those changes. A couple of months prior, I tried Keen Smart Vents Review and gave them a helpless review.

Horrible network made a portion of the elements essentially untestable, and a plan defect made roof establishments hazardous. With adequate input from clients and reviewers, Keen Home proceeded with work on its item. Presently, these $80 smart vents are starting to look convincing.

Keen Smart Vent is a fine expansion to the flair smart Vent review. They are intended to keep every single room of your home at a similar temperature. Utilizing the Keen Home application, clients are permitted to keep the room temperature at their picking and enjoying. Its fundamental working is like that of a basic vent yet gives you full oversight over it. Like the wide range of various smart apparatuses, you will be needed to introduce an application on your smartphone which will give you controller over the smart vent.

The Keen Zoning System comprises of Keen Smart Vents, a Smart Bridge, Temp Sensors, and the Keen Home smartphone application. On account of the coordination with my ecobee3, I had the option to utilize my current room sensors rather than theirs.

There’s more required than you may might suspect. First off you’re most likely not home at the entire hours of the day to change your vents. And still, after all that you don’t have exact temperature readings to put together it with respect to.

Keen Smart Vent Review

Prior to purchasing an item, it is vital to peruse reviews of the item. This is done to guarantee you don’t go off and purchase a flawed arrangement. The Keen Smart Vents Review has seen some disdain in specific angles on the web. While a few clients appear to utilize it and believe it to be a very decent smart home apparatus. At any rate, returning to the theme, today we will audit the Keen Home Smart Vent.

Thus, with practically no further ado, this is what we think about the Keen Home Smart Vent:

  1. Design and Aesthetics

A significant viewpoint for those hoping to transform their homes into an extravagant smart home. Both plan and style are vital in such manner. Notwithstanding, to certain individuals, these amount to nothing, however we will add it in our review since feel won’t ever stung.

Stylishly, the Smart Vent is nothing strange. Albeit the plan is the place where things begin to get bizarre. Despite the fact that there is nothing bad about how the smart vent resembles, the genuine issue lies with its size. Therefore a significant number individuals run into the issue where the openings of the vent don’t really arrive at the drywall.

  1. Smart Features

As we have as of now referenced that the actual plan of the actual item is very great, fortunately exactly the same thing can be said for its application plan. However, what makes every one of the smart vents worth their expense isn’t the plan, yet their smart highlights as a whole.

Keen Smart Vents Review

Tragically, the Keen Smart Vents Review doesn’t offer sufficient smart elements to dazzle anybody. You can in any case be certain that it will provide you with every one of the essential elements of a standard smart vent, however it truly never really contrasts its rivals.

  1. Noise Issues

Here is one more disadvantage for the Keen Home Smart Vent. A lot of clients have revealed specific commotion issues with the item. Albeit not happening each and every time, we have seen the issue flying around occasionally.

Subsequent to testing the item, ourselves, what we figured out how to get up until this point was that the item makes this peculiar commotion when somebody attempts to close and open it. Likewise, the commotion apparently came when the HVAC is running. The clamor isn’t actually that noisy however definitely is to the point of being an interruption.

  1. Price Point

Before we continue on and give our last review on the item, we should examine one of the main parts of the Keen Home Smart Vent. The last thing we might want to share is its price tag.

The valuing is to a greater degree a center ground for the Keen Smart Vents Review. It’s neither excessively costly, nor excessively modest. In spite of the fact that you can get it somewhat modest on a couple of events. Yet, cost is certainly not the solid mark of the Smart Vent item by Keen Home.


The Keen Home’s Smart Vent could be a truly extraordinary choice for your smart home, truly they make some improvement in the following several months. For the present, there isn’t anything great with regards to the item. We’d prescribe you to find each of your choices in your financial plan before you continue to purchase anything. To get your hands on the Keen Home’s Smart Vent, then, at that point, be our visitor. However, there ought to be other better choices that you can go for.

This was our review on the Keen Smart Vents Review. For additional, make certain to look at our other review on comparable smart home apparatuses. Likewise, share your considerations on the remarks, and let us in on what you think about the item!

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