Hyundai 1600W Artificial Lawn Grass Brush Sweeper [Review]

There are several types of Artificial Lawn Grass Brush Sweeper when you search online. Spending plan well disposed corded grass sweeper/brush from Hyundai. An unquestionable requirement have contraption for anybody with artificial grass in their nursery, it’s likewise appropriate for making carports and ways of twigs and leaves.

This rotating brush cleans down to the ‘foundations’ of artificial lawns to expand its life expectancy, getting it free from any flotsam and jetsam. This brush is great for restoring leveled artificial grass and astroturf, resurrecting it to look as it did when it was first laid and furthermore making that exemplary British striped lawn impact.

The one meter working width is great for rapidly and easily clearing Workouts on Apple Watch, carports, forecourts, artificial grass, ranch yards, leaves, lawns, recreation focuses, vehicle leaves, factories, horticultural settings and some other open space powerless to the amassing of leaves, excrement, litter and flotsam and jetsam, bringing about a story cleaning machine that can be utilized lasting through the year.

The Hyundai 1600W Artificial Lawn Grass is strong yet simple to move in troublesome circumstances giving astounding clearing execution. Light snowfalls can be handily cleared away with the sweeper alone.

The street sweeper gearbox has three forward rates and one converse with every one of the principle controls inside simple reach of the level flexible handlebars to empower protected and agreeable activity. Travel speed is from 0.7m/sec to 1.2m/sec.

Key Features

  • 1600W electric grass brush: Ideal for clearing and invigorating artificial grass
  • Multi-use: Also appropriate for clearing pathways, carports and yards
  • Lightweight at simply 13.3kg: Self-impelled movement makes it significantly more easy to clear
  • 5 customizable clearing levels: Remove trash from the ‘base’ of the grass
  • 380mm working width: Gets the task finished rapidly and successfully
  • Huge 45L assortment pack: Collects leaves, twigs and other garbage as you clear, limiting tidy up
  • Super low upkeep: Simply plug it in and off you go
  • 10m power link: Saves you perusing for an augmentation lead
  • Inner serenity: long term home-use guarantee and 1 year business (terms apply)

5 Adjustable Sweeping Heights

This electric lawn brush’s 5 flexible clearing levels, going from – 12mm to +6mm, permit you to eliminate even the most difficult flotsam and jetsam from the foundation of your artificial grass, not simply meaning your nursery will be spotless and clean yet in addition that it will leave your grass looking invigorated.

380mm Working Width

The HYSW1600E’s functioning width of 380mm/15″ will get your artificial grass looking invigorated rapidly and successfully. Kindly note that assuming your artificial grass edge is against a divider or fence, it will leave a wheel width (around 6″) Hyundai 1600W Artificial Lawn Grass Brush Sweeper Review along the edge so will require a fast breadth with a handheld brush; however, assuming the grass edge is against a flush porch or flowerbed, you will actually want to clear right to the edge of the grass.

45L Debris Collection Bag

With its extra-enormous 45L assortment pack gathering any leaves, twigs, stones, bunches of soil, or other garbage as you clear, going about as an artificial grass hoover, it really intends that there’s no wreck to tidy up in the wake of clearing to take care of business even speedier.

Strong Brush

The HYSW1600E’s solid, long-seethed pivoting brush has a stout 128mm breadth for most extreme profound cleaning productivity.


Hyundai 1600W Artificial Lawn Grass Brush Sweeper Review

Notwithstanding being intended for clearing artificial lawns, you can likewise utilize this artificial grass power brush for clearing pathways, carports and yards.

Low Maintenance Grass Sweeper

As this artificial grass power brush is electric, it’s unquestionably low support – you will not need to stress over blending oils, managing lifeless fuel, or other routine upkeep that goes with petroleum apparatus proprietorship. Essentially plug it in and off you go!

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