How to use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal


How to use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal

The Essence Switch in Diablo Immortal is a approach to extract a legendary passive skill from one merchandise and place it on one other. All you’ll be able to hold is that one passive skill that you simply favored. So, is it a good suggestion to sacrifice a legendary merchandise to get its skill?

Your aim is to all the time have the most effective gear with the most effective Offense Ranking Protection Ranking (ORDR), so there is not any level in hoarding. Briefly, the reply is sure – all the time go after the most effective merchandise, and do the Essence Switch.

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How one can begin the Essence Switch course of?

Now that you have discovered that hoarding does not make sense, you simply need to know the right way to use Essence Switch in Diablo Immortal. The method has two steps:

  1. Extraction—getting skill out of the legendary merchandise.
  2. Inherit—giving skill from a earlier merchandise to a brand new one.

To undergo an extraction course of, you may must have that merchandise in stock, not outfitted. When you’ve got your first piece of drugs to sacrifice for the better good, go to the market in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. Close to Rakkis Plaza Waypoint, you may discover Zamina.

Essence Transfer map

To do enterprise together with her, you may need to discover a legendary gear that has the passive skill to extract. And that is not all. You may additionally want one other legendary merchandise that can inherit passive skill from the earlier merchandise.

The Essence Switch course of will delete the primary merchandise, however the second merchandise will inherit its skill. As you’ll be able to’t have two passive legendary talents on one factor, you may lose your earlier passive skill whereas gaining a brand new one. It is a good tradeoff in case you’ve discovered legendary gear with higher ORDR. So, do not do the Essence Switch till you discover some higher gear.

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