How to Start and Complete Tataru’s Small Business, Big Dreams quest in FFXIV


In Patch 6.15 of Closing Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a brand new facet quest increasing on the brand new path that the diminutive bookkeeper and ally of the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak, Tataru Taru was added. In it we get to see how Tataru plans to proceed her new enterprise of promoting weapons and adventuring tools. Right here’s full the Small Enterprise, Huge Desires quest.

Persevering with Tataru’s Grand Endeavour

Be sure you’ve accomplished all of the Newfound Journey post-Endwalker Fundamental Story Quests. This implies all of the quests that launched within the 6.1 patch, persevering with the MSQ. Simply in case you’ve forgotten to do that, the  Newfound Journey quests may be began by speaking to Tataru herself at X: 6.0, Y:5.9 on the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona. When you’ve accomplished all these quests, Mehdjina will seem in Previous Sharlyan so that you can begin the Tataru’s Small Enterprise quest, the most recent of the Tataru’s Grand Endeavour quests.

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Speak to Mehdjina in Previous Sharlyan

To begin the search, head to Previous Sharlayan, X:11.8 Y:9.8, and discuss to Mehdjina. After speaking to Mehdjina, Tataru will arrive and apprise you of her new plan. She’s trying to develop her enterprise by getting work from the three main metropolis states of Eorzea. And as such, she expects you to speak to representatives of every metropolis state and persuade them to make use of her wares.

First you’ll want to move to Limsa Lominsa, and discuss to Hasthwab, at X: 5.4, Y: 15.1, aboard the Astalicia, the ship of the Blood Executioners pirates. It will result in a dialog with Sicard, who will settle for the pattern wares.

Subsequent it is off to Gridania to speak to Mom Miounne in her typical spot within the Carline Cover. This then permits you to begin a dialog with A-Ruhn-Senna, the place you’ll additionally provide him the wares.

Lastly, head to Ul’Dah, the place you’ll want to speak to the Coliseum usher, at X: 10.8, Y: 11.3, The Steps of Thal, close to the Gladiators Guild. Right here you’ll discuss to Pipin and as soon as once more shill Tataru’s wares, to nice impact. Together with this, Pippin tells you a couple of necklace seemingly lengthy misplaced by Tataru, however in disrepair.

Repairing the Necklace for Tataru

Returning to Mehdjina in Previous Sharlyan, converse to Mehdjina. Between you, Mehdjina, Varsarudh, and Pipin, the plan is now afoot to restore the necklace that when belonged to her mom. Varsarudh suggests you collect keepsakes from the opposite two enterprise companions, Sicard, and A-Ruhn-Senna. The search then ends, with the implication is that this quest line will proceed sooner or later!

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