How to get Y’Shaarj in Hearthstone Mercenaries

Y’Shaarj is a mercenary that’s coming to Hearthstone Mercenaries with the Y’Shaarj occasion. Gamers have till June 21 to get this mercenary by the occasion. After the occasion is over, Y’Shaarj could be obtained by the common technique of enjoying Hearthstone Mercenaries.

The way to unlock Y’Shaarj in Hearthstone Mercenaries

The Y’Shaarj occasion begins on June 7, however you will be unable to earn Y’Sharrj till June 11. On June 11, all 10 duties will likely be unlocked, permitting gamers to have the ability to earn the rewards for the occasion. When you’ve got accomplished all 10 duties, you’ll obtain Y’Shaarj as a mercenary reward.

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Legendary Y’Shaarj stats

  • Maxed Stats: 9 Assault 85 Well being
  • Skills:
    • Defiled Assault 5 (Shadow): (Velocity 6) Borrow 5 Assault from all pleasant characters this flip and assault an enemy.
      • If it is a dying blow, then you possibly can repeat this capability.
    • Power of Y’Shaarj 5 (Shadow): (Velocity 1) Acquire Taunt and take 6 much less harm this flip.
    • Rage Unbound 5 (Shadow): (Velocity 2, Cooldown 10) Give all of your characters +20 Assault.
      • Your characters will then assault random enemies.
  • Gear:
    • Idol of Y’Shaarj 4: Rage Unbound provides an additional +8 Assault.
    • Mark of Y’Shaarj 4: Defiled Assault borrows an additional 5 Assault.
    • Coronary heart of Y’Shaarj 4: Passive: At any time when this Merc is Attacked, acquire +5 Assault.

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