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With tons of distinctive fighters out there to gather inside Anime Fighters Simulator, it is no shock that there is a few secret for gamers to unlock as nicely. These hidden additions, deemed secret fighters, are coveted by gamers throughout the expertise, so how do you acquire them? Sadly, there is not any definitive reply to this query, although we are able to supply a handful of suggestions to assist begin you heading in the right direction!

What are secret fighters?

Secret fighters are the second rarest fighter in all of Anime Fighters Simulator, solely behind Divine Fighters. These fighters are extraordinarily robust, typically standing and holding their floor towards Crafted and Legendary fighters. As a result of these fighters are so uncommon and wanted, every world in Anime Fighters Simulator options its personal secret fighter that may solely be obtained by opening stars inside that world.

All Anime Fighter Simulator secret fighters

An inventory that particulars each unlockable secret fighter on this expertise, and the place they’re from, may be discovered beneath.

  • Pinkie (Buu)—Tremendous Island (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Asuku (Nagato)—Ninja Village (Naruto)
  • Tokio (Dio)—Loopy City (JoJo’s Weird Journey)
  • Dobonito (Doflamingo)—Fruits Island (One Piece)
  • Eagle Eyed (Hawks)—Hero College (My Hero Academia)
  • Huge Ben (Bertolt)—Walled Metropolis (Assault on Titan)
  • Solar (Yoriichi)—Slayer Military (Demon Slayer)
  • Two Eyed (Eto)—Ghoul City (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Far Away (Grownup Gon)—Chimera Jungle (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Slicette (Alice Zuberg)—Digital Citadel (Sword Artwork On-line)
  • Eiko (Sōsuke Aizen)—Empty Dimension (Bleach)
  • Sigma Curse (Sukuna)—Cursed Excessive (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Emperor Alien (Boros)—XYZ Metropolis (One Punch Man)
  • Darkish One (Estarossa)—9 Crimes Island (Seven Lethal Sins)
  • Jane d’ Bateau (Jeanne d’ Arc)—Future Island (Ulysses)
  • King of Mages (Julius Novachrono)—Fortunate Kingdom (Black Clover)
  • The Reply (The Reality)—Land of Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Destroyer (Milim Nava)—Slimey Island (That Time I Acquired Reincarnated as a Slime)
  • Soar (Shō Kusakabe)—Flame Metropolis (Hearth Drive)
  • Zeus—Divine Colleseum (Document of Ragnarok)
  • Best Evil (Zeref)—Kingdom of 4 (Fairy Tail)
  • Prodigious Knight (Reinhard Van Astrea)—Icey Wastes (Re:Zero)
  • Management Monster (Makima)—The Underworld (Chainsaw Man)
  • Esper King (Touichirou Suzuki)—Psychic Metropolis (Mob Psycho 100)
  • Kama (Dorohedoro)—The Gap (Dorohedoro)
  • Famu (Baryon Mode Naruto)—Ninja Metropolis (Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations)
  • Betrayer (Keisuke Baji)—Time Journey Tokyo (Tokyo Revengers)
  • Jimmy—Orca Highway Jail (JoJo’s Weird Journey: Stone Ocean)
  • Yuka—World of Video games (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Father Killer (Nui Harime)—Vogue Empire (Kill La Kill)
  • Possessed—Spooky Island (???)

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Ideas for acquiring secret fighters in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

Discover stars that you could afford

Whereas many gamers count on secret fighters to be obtained by way of finishing troublesome quests or discovering developer-added easter eggs, they’re really unlocked in a a lot less complicated approach. Practically each star inside Anime Fighters Simulator has a secret fighter hidden inside it, in order that they’re technically simple to search out. The laborious half is unlocking them, nonetheless, as secret fighters not solely have an exceptionally low pull probability when in comparison with different fighters, they’re additionally not even proven on the star’s fighter listing.

To place it merely, you sometimes have a one in 500,000 to at least one in 1,000,000 probability to tug a secret fighter from a star as a typical, FTP (free-to-play) participant. Due to this low probability, it is vital that the star that you simply’re opening is one that you could afford, as you will probably must open 1000’s of them earlier than you acquire the fighter that you simply’re searching for.

Maximize your output

As talked about above, FTP gamers will probably must spend hours opening star after star to be able to unlock a secret fighter. There’s a approach, nonetheless, for these keen to spend a hefty quantity of Robux to expedite this course of and make attempting to find rarer fighters, together with secrets and techniques, a lot simpler. To do that, gamers can buy gamepasses, together with those listed beneath:

  • VIP
    • Description:
      • 25% off stars
      • Particular VIP fighter
      • VIP nametag
    • Worth:
  • 2x Yen
  • Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get elevated possibilities with a everlasting +1 luck increase
    • Worth:
  • Super Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get a giant enhance to your possibilities with a everlasting +2 luck increase
    • Worth:
  • Ultra Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get an enormous enhance to your possibilities with a everlasting +3 luck increase
    • Worth:
  • Fast Open
    • Description:
      • Open stars at twice the traditional velocity
    • Worth:
  • Multi Open
    • Description:
      • Open an additional 2 stars at a time
    • Worth:
  • Half Cooldown
    • Description:
      • Half the cooldown in your max opens
    • Worth:

There are additionally purchasable in-game boosts that final for a restricted time and can be utilized to extend luck. These boosts can be unlocked totally free by way of the usage of codes.

Be affected person

Above all else, the important thing to unlocking secret objects in any type of simulator is persistence—they’re known as secret objects for a motive! Do not burn your self out opening stars for hours upon hours or a number of days nonstop. Take breaks once you want them and, although it is laborious, attempt to not get discouraged. These fighters had been made to be practically unobtainable, it isn’t simply unhealthy luck!

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