GT08 SmartWatch Review in 2022

The GTo8 is intended to take after an Apple savvy and produce by a few distinct makes yet for this review I am utilizing the Pandaoo Universal GT08 SmartWatch Review with HD LCD. The watch is thicker just as comes up short on the capacities of the apple observe yet for somebody who simply needs the fundamental elements this may be the solution to the strong sticker price on a more costly savvy and was exactly the thing I was searching for!

A smartwatch can associate with a telephone and that is among its significant benefits. Furthermore, a smartwatch that has a long life, is viable with numerous gadgets, and is even water-safe. Smartwatches for adults highlights of the smartwatch may incorporate the capacity to play music, a pedometer, an action tracker, and an inbuilt GPS Locator.

Who at any point said a smartwatch must be costly to definitely be great clearly has never looked at the GT08 Smartwatch which is a cheap contribution that accessible available that costs under $50 assuming you can trust it. In any case, the central issue for this review is whether or not this watch merits the value you will be paying.

One such smartwatch organization that makes life surprisingly difficult for other smartwatch organizations is the GT08 SmartWatch Review. Inferable from its complexity and complicated plan, the watch includes a large portion of the previously mentioned highlights and comes at a truly reasonable value range.


Pandaoo savvy can manage a Bluetooth association with your wireless and with a sim card it tends to be utilized as opened gsm remain solitary telephone.

Equipment comprise of a GT08 SmartWatch Review Capacitive Touch screen with high goal, upholds 32gb outside MicroSD and is fueled by a 350 mAH battery. Clock has three distinct faces which can be switch by a flip of a finger and has an underlying receiver for recording voice too a without hands mic for noting calls.

Pandaoo GT08 savvy tells you of new instant messages and is equipped for noting the sms straightforwardly from the actual watch. It adjusts with your telephone to show your contacts, approaching calls, active calls and missed call logs. Upholds 14 distinct dialects which are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, German, Indonesian, Finnish, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Swedish.

The Camera and Microphone

The camera can do in any case shots or record video relying upon what you are focusing on. The quality isn’t actually anything great so you might be not exactly intrigued with it. The GT08 SmartWatch Review then again is more down to earth and you can truly utilize it to record stuff or leave notices. Likewise the speaker that conveys sound is great and boisterous.

The Operating system

The watches OS is Android and it OK, you have a home screen and the watch can be set in view of your telephones time once the watch and your telephone is matched up. You can likewise get different clock faces which keeps the look new.

GT08 Smart Watch Review

There is a dial cushion for calling a number in the event that you have a SIM card present. You can see messages and even compose or make a message. You have warning and you can set different protection setting and even change your splendor.

To adjust your telephone and your GT08 SmartWatch Review effectively you will require the smartwatch App from the Play store to match the two gadgets.

Other cool features include:

  • Schedule
  • Call log
  • contacts
  • mini-computer
  • Music player
  • Mouthpiece
  • camera
  • Topics
  • Updates
  • FM Radio
  • Internet browser
  • Morning timer, stop watch, World time and then some.

Locate Phone

There is a cool element that additionally permits you to find your telephone or keep it from getting lost. It works by permitting your telephone to vibrate once your telephone is out of your reach or scope of the watch.

Remote Camera

This is another cool component that permits you to remotely see the camera of your telephone. Your smartwatch and see all that is being seen by your telephone’s camera on your GT08 SmartWatch Review. You can even catch pictures effectively from the telephone with a straightforward snap.

Charging and battery life

A standard charger will work for charging which you can find pretty much anyplace. You can undoubtedly get an entire day worth of utilization out of your gadget without any problem. Charging can require an hour or more plus or minus. You will be really great for a day of action.


By and large at the negligible cost you pay for this exceptionally cool watch is worth the effort. So assuming that you are searching for a reasonable smartwatch the GT08 SmartWatch Review is most certainly for you.

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