Gekks Reviews Socks & Shoes liners – Complete Guide

They are the best “flake-out socks” that I’ve ever attempted. Furthermore, I profoundly propose that you buy a couple (or a few), so you can perceive what I’m raving about, for yourself. Gekks has made the inconceivable conceivable! They have in a real sense made the capacity to go “sock-less” without the dread of foot scent.

Gekks are weave with cutting edge silver enemy of microbial yarn to kill scent as you sweat. It is a similar innovation utilized by the US Marines/Special Forces and NASA to keep the skin clean and smell free on long missions. It doesn’t wash off or wear off like other enemy of microbial coatings available.

Gekks are additionally intended to remain in your shoe after each wear. The truth is out… you don’t really put them on your feet like an average flake-out sock; rather, you embed them into your shoe and leave them in there as though they are a dainty liner for your shoe. With their protected miniature slim cement, the Gekks adhere to within your shoe so you don’t need to eliminate them. There goes one less pair of socks you need to discover a counterpart for.

What are Gekks?

Gekks are not attractive shoe embeds, however they do go inside your shoes. They are what I can best depict as a footwear adornment, promoted as a hybrid of a sock and a shoe liner with clingy bits on the underside, impact point, and toe to keep them set up.

The brand’s witticism is “go sockless,” suggesting Gekks are even more a liner and not a sock by any stretch of the Noom Reviews Reddit imagination, however they fill in as an option in contrast to “flake-out” socks which, as we as a whole know, here and there show, or move or bundle inside shoes—everything Gekks guarantee they won’t do.They likewise, it must be stated, look tremendously freaky in their Instagram promotions and some photographs on the site.

These show a solitary Gekk superimposed and loaded up with a ghost foot—or, more probable, an assortment of wires—against a white foundation, making an impression of an ancient shoe (or, to my memory, attractive shoe embeds). I need to expect that this is a deliberate creative decision, as it rouses an Instagram scroller, even one solidified against focused advertisements, to navigate and look at it (or possibly quit looking for a second).

What is it like to wear Gekks?

The Gekks showed up about seven days after I requested them. I put the pads pair in some Rothay’s and the shoe pair in my somewhat too-little Supergerm sneakers that don’t take well to socks.

Gekks review

I did as such by sliding the heel part of the Gekk into the shoe first, which I felt made it simpler to settle and adjust the remainder of the Gekk with the shoe. At the point when I put them on, they just felt like, well, socks. Slim socks, and socks that didn’t show over the highest point of one or the other shoe, however socks regardless.

Should you buy Gekks?

Gekks responds to its own inquiry: Can an individual go sockless? (Actually, indeed, in the event that you concur with the case that Gekks aren’t socks.) But it neglects to answer another, which is. Why does “going sockless” with two little bits of woven texture and a gekks reviews reddit touch of glue, be so expensive. I don’t intend to be wry here, however $18 for a couple of hyper low-ascent, clingy socks is a strong wad of cash. As a correlation, a three-pack of my #1 Zella socks is $25. We can discover other acceptable alternatives for about $3 a couple.

All things considered, Gekks do convey on two of its guarantees: not looking out of footwear, even in the most reduced of shoes, and being reusable and re-stickable subsequent to wearing and washing. In view of my experience and their cost, I’d even now skirt the form intended for pads. Be that as it may, in the event that you, as well, erroneously purchased a half-size-too-little pair of sneakers on definite deal, Gekks might be a superior method to wear them with negligible distress. What’s more, hello, in any case, Gekks can’t be more terrible than attractive shoe embeds.

Why are Gekks a game-changer for capsule wardrobes?

With a container closet, you need your garments/shoes to stand the trial of time. I can’t disclose to you the occasions I discarded a couple of pads, shoes. That heels just in light of the fact that they began to smell. That is cash lost that I can’t get back. Since I have a container closet, I’m amazingly purposeful about my shoe buys. I wouldn’t fret putting cash into a couple of value shoes.

However, I’ll be cursed if those shoes go to she all on account of a crazy smell. These socks are WELL-worth the speculation, particularly when you get them for $12/pair. On the off chance that you need to get $5 off your first buy, send me your email address.



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