Final Fantasy XIV will rename Beast Tribe Quests to Tribal Quests in Patch 6.2


Last Fantasy XIV is altering the naming conference of it is Beast Tribe quests. From patch 6.2 onwards, Beast Tribe Quests will probably be generally known as Tribal Quests.

The change was first talked about in February 2022, in the course of the Feb 19 Live Letter, through which lead developer and producer Naoki Yoshida talked about how the notion of the Beast Tribes was altering each narratively and to be much less offensive.

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The reasoning behind the change is two-fold. First is to mirror the modifications with Last Fantasy XIV’s story. In A Realm Reborn, the so-called beastmen tribes had been purely antagonistic to the gamers, summoning Primals and performing as secondary enemies after the devious Garlean Empire. Now, the tribes are our allies, each in story, and in sport mechanics in a number of circumstances.

Secondly is to make the general time period much less offensive. The problem with the time period Beast Tribes is the implication that tribal cultures are beast-like. Altering the identify to easily Tribal Quests is an easy method to take some undesired offence out of a reputation.

The primary quests this may have an effect on are the Arkasodara tribal quests launched in patch 6.15. A lot of the modifications have already been launched, resembling modifications in dialog. However parts such because the Person Interface (UI) will have to be up to date.

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