Exploretrip Reviews – Booking & Refund Policy 2021 [BEST GUIDE]

Traveling home from Naxos, Greece two days ago with 5 people including a 3 year old, we arrived at the Naxos airport to find the airline (Sky Express) had no record of our tickets. Further, they had no room on any flights for days. Exploretrip is awful. Here’s my story, which does not seem dissimilar from others below.

How did this happen? Well, while standing in a 100 degree tiny office at the Naxos airport I called Exploretrip for help AT MY OWN EXPENSE ($2/minute on my cell plan).

So this issue has cost me $450 plus (and more importantly) about 8 hours of my and my family’s time while on vacation.

We have messaged ExploreTrip since and heard nothing back. This company is a scam as far as I can tell. Too bad in this day and age that this can happen.

ExploreTrip is actually as terrible as their reviews are

I booked a ticket with my Mastercard which underpins 3D secure verification (simply like most cards these days). First I got the affirmation that Most Comfortable Blankets for Kids in these Winters your booking was fruitful, at that point promptly another email that said sorry it wasn’t effective in light of the fact that your card was decay, and think about why? since their installment framework doesn’t uphold secure installments.

So I called their client assistance and revealed to them. We can briefly impair my card’s 3D security so they can charge it. The specialist revealed to me she needs to check that my card information was right. Might it be able to be less secure than that!?? So truly, even their client assistance specialists have your MasterCard data in clear content and they wouldn’t fret presenting that to somebody who calls them!

Okay, so I was cool with that and proceeded. She revealed to me that they will attempt to charge again and they will give the ticket. After around 30 minutes I got the affirmed ticket in my letter box. So clearly the installment has experienced. All great up until now, correct?

Do not book with Explore trip

The Frozen North Airlines dropped my flight and booked me on a flight I was unable to make. I just got some answers concerning the change coincidentally. At the point when Exploretrip reviews reached Alaska they said I could drop for a since the exploretrip customer service change was so uncommon. But when I chose to drop Alaska said I hosted to contact the third gathering I booked through. Gold country alluded to them as Trip Pro, despite the fact that their site states “investigate trip”.

Addressed a subsequent individual. He contended he would need to call Alaska to get a code. While he called Alaska, I called them too, for the third time on this and was again advised. I was qualified for a full discount and that had been noted in my record.

My experience with ExploreTrip

As of late I am back from my movement to Singapore and Manila. Regularly and since over 2 years I am utilizing mobissimo.com to purchase the less expensive airfares. For my previous 2 worldwide excursions, I got the least expensive airfares from mobissimo recorded exploretrip. This was my first involvement in exploretrip. I booked my outing for Singapore first and afterward to manila.

We even checked other site and found an admission contrast of near $100 greenback in addition to. In my first reserving everything went-off smooth and got my reservations affirmed immediately however in the second reserving it took over 2 hours to get my tickets. At the point when Exploretrip reviews called up their client care after my subsequent booking, I became acquainted with that the seats are not accessible in a similar class as I booked and they heightened this to their carriers connection group to address the aircrafts.

Infect on that time different locales were offering $250 higher charge Exploretrip reviews the one booked. After thirty minutes of my call, got a call from their relations group. They affirmed me that the reservation is affirmed and they got my seats booked at a similar admission and apologized for the postponement and burden caused. We was glad to spare $250 and express gratitude toward them for their help. We wish all movement entrances gives the comparative assistance and responsibility to their clients.

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