Duracell Optimum Review – AA Alkaline Batteries

Conveys additional life or additional power versus Duracell Optimum Review in a wide scope of gadgets”. With claims like that we were prepared to test an AA with power levels we had never seen. The uplifting news: they are actually correct – It is the longest enduring Alkaline AA we have at any point tried.

The terrible news: it is multiple times the cost of the Rayovac Max Energy while just enduring 4% longer. The other terrible news: assuming you are after longest life conceivable the Energizer Ultimate Lithium will offer you almost double the battery duration. All things considered, they truly do look truly cool and the bundle offers a resealable top like a plate of oreos.

Duracell as of late sent off another exceptional line of AA and AAA batteries under the name Duracell Optimum. The Optimum line highlights “additional life” and “additional power,” empowering an electric lamp to sparkle more splendid and longer. Optimum’s improved exhibition is driven by another exclusive cathode framework that beats even Coppertop. The innovation is perhaps the greatest development for antacid batteries in the beyond 50 years.

The battery innovation is only one component that separates The Venus Factor Review from different batteries. The bundling likewise went through an overhaul. The new bundle includes a slider load with a resealable stockpiling plate highlighted in the accompanying recordings: slider pack, sealable plate. While I question many individuals really think about too to battery bundling while buying, the new plan replaces the old Ziploc packs found in many storage rooms and sacks.

Duracell Optimum Batteries

As any parent can verify, batteries are in basically every gadget. You don’t understand a portion of these gadgets have batteries until they quit working (for example remote mouse, toothbrush, gaming regulators). The gaming business has detonated throughout the most recent ten years with more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide and 75 percent of American families have somewhere around one gamer. The gaming market addresses an amazing 22 percent of battery interest.

Batteries fueling toys or different gadgets are incredible, yet once in a while we depend on them for the essentials during electrical blackouts brought about by catastrophic events. Living in a typhoon inclined region, our analyzers were more than knowledgeable on the basic job batteries play. We requested that they test the batteries in high-yield, high-depleting gadgets like electric lamps, specialized gadgets and surprisingly a clinical gadget.

All detailed their gadgets either performed better or longer contrasted with conventional batteries. During testing in the workplace, we tracked down comparable outcomes while running our non-logical test utilizing two electric lamps, one with Optimum and one with Coppertop left on day in and day out. The spotlight with Optimum gave off an impression of being more splendid toward the start of the test and for a more drawn out term prior to darkening. Our experimental outcomes were upheld by Duracell’s own information. Duracell Optimum Review performed better for a more drawn out timeframe and kept up with in the maximized operation zone.

Both Optimum AA and AAA are accessible in 4-, 6-and 12-count bundling. Optimum makes another degree of premium battery execution and is an ideal answer for clients searching for a battery offering max operation and longer use.


  • Better than normal soluble AA battery duration (just barely)
  • Name-brand
  • They look cool
  • Resealable case might assist you with losing less of them toward the rear of the garbage cabinet


  • Scarcely better than a standard basic, yet altogether more costly.

Where To Buy

Amazon: Duracell Optimum AA


  • Volts: 1.5 Volts
  • Bundle Quantity: 4
  • Battery-powered: Single-Use
  • Battery: 4 AA Alkaline, Required, Included
  • TCIN: 76486424
  • UPC: 041333032559
  • Thing Number (DPCI): 008-08-0060
  • Beginning: Made in the USA and Imported

Duracell Optimum Review

Final Words

Duracell Optimum AA Batteries give additional life in gadgets, for example, remote XBOX computer game regulators, and additional power in certain gadgets, for example, a cordless power device – versus Coppertop AA/AAA. The exclusive cathode is figured out with two dynamic materials for more energy. Use with any AA battery-worked gadget, for example, remote mice, metal finders, kids learning tablets, rotating brushes and toys.

The Optimum batteries are bundled in a resealable plate for simple access and advantageous stockpiling – no more batteries moving around free in the cabinet! Duracell Optimum Review Batteries are accessible in Double An and Triple A sizes, so you can drive your life’s gadgets.

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