Does Minecraft have Sex Mods?

There are unofficial guidelines to the web that the majority of us are conscious of. Rule 34 dictates that if one thing exists, there should even be porn of it. Does that additionally lengthen to mods for video video games? How standard should a sport be earlier than it will get intercourse mods? Are there any video games that will be thought-about off-limits for intercourse mods? What about Minecraft?

Does Minecraft have Grownup Mods?

The lengthy and wanting that is sure, Minecraft does have adult-themed mods obtainable. The majority of those mods are skins that may be downloaded and used. These skins depict characters in varied states of undress. Moreover, there are mods that add genitals and breasts to characters and mobs.

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These extra bold can strive mods like “Jenny Mod” that create a digital girlfriend expertise inside the standard survival sport. Different mods like “The Kidnap Mod” exist and permit gamers to tie themselves and others up. From there, implements like paddles and the gamers’ creativeness go to work.

It will seem there isn’t a hallowed floor and if there’s a demand for one thing smutty, somebody will fill the void. That is to not say there may be something flawed with these mods or those who get pleasure from them. Folks play video games for all totally different causes. All we ask is that if these mods are employed, they’re avoided youngsters.

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