Top 7 Cigars For Beginners – Start With Best Cigar [GUIDE]

Besides, choosing the cigars for beginners is crucial as the tenderfoot’s sense of taste may not be familiar with specific flavors. On the off chance that you’ve looked into smoking Cigars a stogie and need to attempt it unexpectedly, the sheer volume of decision can be overpowering.

While decisions are consistently something to be thankful for, it very well may be overpowering to locate the correct stogie to illuminate for your debut puff. We’re here to encourage you. Look at this rundown of probably the best amateur stogies to kick you off!

Likewise, remember that smoking is terrible for your wellbeing. On the off chance that you choose to smoke stogies. That is up to you my responsibility is to assist you with Cigars getting a charge out of the experience. I’m doing whatever it takes not to persuade you to begin smoking, however. I’m continuing from the suspicion that you’ve just settled on that choice and need assistance picking the correct stogies to begin with.

Attempting your first stogie shouldn’t be an overwhelming encounter. There are numerous assets on to assist you with picking the best items for an ideal encounter. While giving things a shot is an extraordinary method to master. Beginning with an awful encounter might sufficiently be to dismiss you from stogies for good!

How To Decide What’s the Best Cigar for Beginners?

With the same number of various sentiments on this theme as there are stogies, it very well may be difficult to tell where to start. There are a couple of various approaches to see this inquiry. For Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews tenderfoots who aren’t familiar with the flavor Cigars of stogies, it would be ideal, in the first place, something gentle and smooth. This would be presence of mind as I would see it, with solid flavorsome stogies offering an over the top punch in a manner of speaking.


A full-bodied stogie might be extremely engaging a fan yet for an apprentice, it very well may be exceptionally overpowering. This mind-boggling feeling can lead the novice to feel debilitated and queasy so to be protected avoid these in the event that it is your first time.

Another way you could decide the best stogie for you is to think about your culinary inclinations. This doesn’t straightforwardly associate, notwithstanding in the event that Cigars.

You incline toward good, rich suppers then perhaps a strong stogie is the correct decision for you. For those favoring something light then a smooth stogie might be the most ideal decision.

Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Corona

You can get a 5-bunch of Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Coronas for under $30. (They normal $6 per stick.) They’re excellent stogies with smooth, Connecticut coverings. The tobacco best cigars for beginners reddit is a mix from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.


You can expect a rich measure of smoke from these, and they taste like tobacco, nuts, and wood. I for the most part suggest milder stogies than these medium smokes. Yet at this value point and with this high a nature of tobacco. I’m persuaded that this is a phenomenal decision for a stogie amateur.

Alec Bradley Medalist Gordo

The Alec Bradley Medalist Gordo Best Beginner Cigars 2020-Alec Bradley Medalist Gordo Alec Bradley got a 89 rating from Cigar Aficionado, making it one of the higher-evaluated stogies on this rundown. It’s likewise perhaps the mildest smoke included here, with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. The fastener and covering are both Honduran.


You can expect a specific measure of nuttiness when you taste this stogie. You’ll likewise recognize notes of citrus and cowhide.

The Alec Bradley Medalist Gordo is sold in boxes of 10. They normal about $6 per stick.

Macanudo Cafe

Macanudo has a pretty wide scope of stogies that cover everything from spending plan to boutique. Maybe the most notable stogie in Macanudo’s stockpile is the Cigars Cafe arrangement. Made to give a charming and steady smoke, the Cafe arrangement should be in each stogie smoker’s humidor.


A luxurious Connecticut Wrapper covers an incredible mix of since quite a while ago matured Dominican long-fillers. At the point when smoked, the Macanudo Cafe will have a gentle and smooth flavor profile overwhelmed by lighter flavors like feed, tobacco, and toast. Besides, at just $7 a stick. This stogie won’t burn up all available resources.

Quorum Shade Corona

The Quorum Shade Corona is likely the most reasonable stogie . However don’t feel that since it’s gentle and modest that it is anything but a quality best cuban cigars for beginners smoke a remarkable inverse is valid. It’s a milder adaptation of the Quorum Natural, yet it actually has enough hot notes to be a fascinating smoke.

Additionally, you can get a heap of 20 of these for around $30, which is an unbelievable cost for a quality stogie.

Padron’s specialty comes from its ever-well known 2000, 3000, and 7000 arrangement of stogies. Every arrangement has its own extraordinary tobacco mix and exceptional flavor profile. That is brimming with intense and generous flavors. In addition, this accompanies the quality and consistency that Padron is known for.

Brick House Mighty Mighty

At under $7 per stick, the Brick House Mighty is my #1 worth stogie. I’ve been smoking them for quite a long time. The Brick House was prescribed to me by a companion who possessed a stogie store in Dallas.


He once disclosed to me that at whatever point somebody prescribed a low-evaluated stogie to him, he would answer, “However is it tantamount to a Brick House?”

The J.C. Newman family claims the organization that makes Brick House stogies, and he named the line after the house he lived in as a kid. It was the main Cigars block house in the region, and it was a social place where people would drink, smoke, and mingle.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, however the Mighty is no little, tasteless stogies. It’s perplexing and smooth, however, and segregating palates will see espresso and zest all through the smoke. The completion is somewhat sweet, as well.

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos

I’ve just clarified how long I’ve been smoking Arturo Fuentes. Yet I haven’t referenced how you can get a ton of Fuente stogies for close to nothing.

The Arturo Fuente Cubanitos are only the ticket, and they don’t take long to smoke.


The best part is that you can purchase 100 of them at a time at a value purpose of under $2 per stick.

Try not to misunderstand me, however. These Cigars Cubanitos won’t most recent 60 minutes likely not so much as 45 minutes. In any case, there’s space for more modest, briefer smokes in a stogie smoker’s collection.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

We don’t normally prescribe full-bodied stogies to new and novice stogie smokers. Yet with the Rocky Patel Sun Grown we’ll make an exemption. Because of brilliant mixing and a drawn out maturing measure, these stogies are both smooth and complex. A genuine demonstration of the capacity of Rocky Patel’s capacity to make reliably incredible stogies.

To make all the mind boggling flavors and notes, the Sun Grown arrangement utilizes. An intense Sumatra Cigars Wrapper around a blended Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler. All the tobacco utilized in the Sun Grown stogies are matured to at least five years. This absolutely makes for a smoother smoke yet at a somewhat raised cost of about $9 a stogie.

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