Top 7 Drones For Kids To Perform Stunts in 2022

Drones For Kids are not just a toy or a source of entertainment for kids. Flying drones develops different skills in your child and enhances creativity in them.

There are several type of brands that offers different Drones for kids. Here you will find the best drones that kids can fly and operate easily. Now a days children loves to fly drones. Following skills can be developed in child by flying drones;

  • Aviation
  • Photography
  • Electronics
  • Robotics many more

Above of all, a child is learning multi-tasking skill. Not only flying drone for entertainment, He is also performing different skills at same time.

Here is the list of best drones for kids; Top 7 Drones in 2020. At the end of this article you can easily choose best drone for your kid

1.Holy Stone HS 170 Predator

Best Drones for kids
Holy Stone HS170 Predator


Holy Stone HS170 Predator drone is mini RC helicopter which is most popular among other drones. This Holy Stone HS 170 is for beginner level pilots. Who want to learn to fly a drone must choose this one.

Holy Stone HS170 also has a button, by pressing this button it will do stunt like a flip over or flip back. This feature is most liked by the kids.

According to its design its more wind resistant, speed of wind will not effect drone range and flight speed. Although, you don’t need this drone to be registered with FAA due to its 0.55 lb weight.

Flight Timing6 – 8 minsCHECK PRICE AT AMAZON
Control Range30 – 50 meters 
Age Group4 – 14 years 
Charging Time45 – 60 mins 
CameraNot available 


This drone has also adopted 2.4GHz Technology for Anti-Interference. This means that your drone and controller will not interfere with other drones nearby.

Its best kids drone for outdoor use and also mostly recommended for outdoor activities.


best drones for kids


ALTAIR AA108 drone is for both kids and pro pilots. This drone gives the birds eye view at your phone. This drones comes along a 720 mp HD camera which also capture photos and shows live video at 120 wide angle.

This drone also enhances the photographic skills in your child. As the high definition camera is installed at the top.

Altair drone is simple to operate easy to fly. It can be take-off and landed with a press of single button. Its one of the safest drone for kids, in case of low battery it beeps alarm. In emergency situation by pressing a single button it can be landed.

Flight Timing10 minutes
Battery3.7v Lipo (2x)
Control RangeUpto 100 meters
Age Group10 – 18
Charging Time60 minutes
Camera720 mp HD

When Altair drone for kids can be connected with your smartphone. Whatever pattern you draw at your phone the drone will follow that pattern and fly.

You can also insert a SD card, a memory card of maximum 32 GB. It can also be used for indoor activities as it can be easily balanced. It can also connected with VR goggles and you can watch live video coverage.

3. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

Best Drones for kids

Potensic upgraded A20 mini drone is one of the best drone for kids. This Potensic A20 drone has a headless option, which allows to fly drone in any direction by using the controller.

The Potensic drone is best for kids and beginners because of its durability. The material used for this drone is of high quality and its not easily crash-able.

The design of drone let it to easily carried and make it portable. It is also considered more economical because it come along with HD camera.

Potensic A20 drone has also a Altitude adjust system. If the pilot hands are not at the controller, the drone will stay in its position.

Flight Timing15 minutes
Battery2 batteries
Control RangeUpto 100 meters
Age Group8 – 16 years
Charging Time40 – 45 minutes

Potensic A20 mini drone is used for indoor and outdoor activity. It comes along 2 detachable batteries and one battery can be consumed for 15 minutes flight. Potensic A20 mini drone is very easy to use and kids friendly.

4. Drocon Ninja Drone

Drocon Ninja Drone is one of the best drone for kids. It has many features which are suitable and easily understandable for kids and beginners. Following are the features for kids;

  • Altitude Hold
  • Fold-able Design
  • Headless Mode
  • App Control

Altitude hold mode is for beginners this mode lets the drone stay in same position. The fold able design makes the drone portable more convenient to carry with yourself.

The Headless mode is also very helping for learning purpose. Headless drone means the drone has no one direction. You have freedom to move it in any direction.

Through the app control function your drone can be connected to the mobile app and the pilot can watch live videos and take photographs from the drone.

Flight Timing6 – 7 minutes
Battery7.4V 450mAh Li-Po
Control Range80 – 100 meters
Age Group14 year older
Charging Time60 minutes
Camera720P FPV HD

5. Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium

Air Hogs star wars millennium falcon drone for kids is basically for indoor use only. As the design of Air Hogs millennium falcon drone is for indoor use only, it can’t remain stable outdoor.

As this drone has a control range up-to 60 meters, it is highly recommended for indoor photographic purpose. It has a unique shape of a stars ship, but it works like a helicopter.

This drone has 4 corners and at each corner it has one more for a stable flight. The superior controller lets the pilot to flight for 60 meters. If the weather is not windy you can easily take an aerial view of your house backyard.

Flight Time

8 – 10 minutes

Battery6 AA batteries required
Control Range60 meters
Age Group8 – 10 years
Charging Time60 minutes

The purpose built design is for kids attraction by its built in sound system on flight landing and take off. The lights are also source of attraction for kids. LED lights will make you think off a star ship as it is shown in movies.

6. Joy Geek Mini Quadcopter Drone

Joy Geek Mini Quadcopter Drone

The sleek design of Joy Geek mini quadcopter drone is best drone for kids. It’s design makes it portable and can be carried easily. Headless mode makes easy for pilot to move to the drone in any direction.

Joy Geek mini drone has a unique function of returning the drone to its origin place with a single press of a button. In case of any emergency like it could hit with ceiling or with any other object it can be easily brought back to floor.

It can roll at 360° and can perform flips and different stunts. This can also flip in four direction, left, right,upwards and downwards. By switching on its LED lights, kids can enjoy the flights at night as well.


Flight Time5 minutes
Battery3.7V 150mAh Lipo (Included)
Control RangeUpto 30 meters
Age Group12 years older
Charging Time30 – 50 minutes
CameraNot Available

The 6-axis Gyroscope makes the flight more stable. A free pair of batteries comes along the Joy Geek mini drone. Its blades are more resistant and unbreakable. This drone has 2 years warranty and 90 days free replacement.

7. Syma X5C Drone

Syma X5C Drone

SYMA X5C Drone is best drone for kids as it comes with pro level features. It is equipped with a 720p HD camera. The 6 axis- Gyro increases the stabilization of the flight. SYMA X5C drone is suitable in both conditions for outdoors and indoors.

This drone will perform a steady flip with a press of a button. The blades are covered with high elastic covers which make them unbreakable and more strong.

As compared with the different HD camera drones SYMA X5C is more economical and equipped with more latest features.

Flight Time7 minutes
Battery3.7V 500 Mah Li-poly
Control Range50 meters
Age Group14 years older
Charging Time100 minutes
Camera720p HD

Too as live review, you can likewise record your capers in stills or video to a SD Card. However this is sold independently. Then, at that point, you’ll need a fitting opening or on some other gadget to move the substance over.

By and large, the camera is acceptable however at 720p it can in any case need detail and look somewhat rough if completing bunches of moves or when haziness sets in. However, given its value, it’s as yet a superb choice.

We investigated the first class drones focused on youngsters, picking straightforward and light choices. A few drones accompany cameras, some pair with your cell phone, and others are small scale toys that can be flown inside without any problem

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