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By 2026, ten markets in Asia will have in excess of billion gamers, according to another report by market researcher Niko Partners. India’s computer games market has the most elevated projected five-year development rate at 21%, according to the Asia’s gamers will exceed a billion Games Market report.

Niko forecasts that regardless of a challenging global economy, PC and portable gaming will keep on serious areas of strength for having for the following five years in the markets that Niko Partners characterizes as Asia-10: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, and India.

Niko Partners projects the Asia-10 PC and portable game market will generate $35.9 billion of every 2022, reaching $41.4 billion out of 2026.

Gamers are increasing at a lot faster rate than income. Roleplaying Uber drivers is what Warzone 2 projects the Asia-10 PC and portable gamers will total 788.7 million of every 2022, reaching 1.06 billion out of 2026.

Niko Partners has somewhat brought down the forecast for 2022 based on what was anticipated for the year in 2021. This is because of the challenging global macroeconomic climate, regulatory impact, and underperformance in development areas, for example, blockchain gaming, cloud gaming and metaverse. The lower forecast for 2022 will impact development rates through 2026.

India, Thailand, and the Philippines are the fastest-developing markets for games income and various gamers· Japan and Korea are the most mature markets in the Asia’s gamers will exceed a billion, accounting for more than 77% of
income. For 2022, Japan’s games income is down 2.6% YoY and Korea’s is flat.

India is the second largest gamer base on the planet, with 396.4 million gamers, making up 50.2% of all gamers in Asia-10. Esports, which returned as a medal sport in 2022’s Southeast Asia Games, setting the consideration of esports an official game in the locale. 5G, which saw noteworthy rollouts in many markets, with Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Chinese Taipei having far better 5G coverage compared to last year.

Asia’s gamers will exceed a billion

Niko’s research methodology includes online surveys of Chinese gamers, trends analysis on key topics such as esports, leading games and game company market share estimates, review of regulations and policy plus interviews of game publishers, analysis of drivers and inhibitors for growth, review of distribution, hardware, payments, internet cafes, and more.

Each market report provides a comprehensive market model and 5-year forecast of games and gamers, and qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, behavior and usage for mobile and PC games.

Lower GPU costs and greater control center availability

“In the face of a global macroeconomic climate that has prompted sluggish monetary development, high inflation, lower customer spending, and conceivable downturn, we see gamers’ spending falling this year,” said Lisa Hanson, leader of Niko Partners, in a statement. “That said, we are bullish on the games market in Asia, where gamers demand excellent games, fair evaluating, and are getting back to face to face esports tournaments both as contenders and watchers.”

Cosmas Hanson will be a speaker at our forthcoming Culmination: Into the Metaverse 3 occasion on February 1 to February 2.

She added, “We see favorable circumstances because of the 5G rollout and lower chip costs in the last part of 2022. We see guarantee in esports in Japan where it is simply beginning, and strength coming soon for the business in Southeast Asia’s gamers will exceed a billion in part to the broadening availability of gaming education programs at the college level. Where regulators have let the games business create and offered help, the markets have thrived.”

Each market report incorporates a thorough market model and five-year forecast through 2026 by games section, key data on game distributers, games rankings, development drivers, and patterns. This remembers details for esports, item conveyance, payments, financial transaction occasions, regulations, and qualitative and quantitative analysis on gamer demand, spending, and behavior. The philosophy incorporates a study of in excess of 5,500 gamers.

This report covers the most important trends that are reshaping the way people experience games: the metaverse, web 3, cloud gaming, extended reality, and virtual influencers. Asia’s gamers will exceed a billion is at the forefront of gaming and is leading way in the implementation and adoption of emerging technology.

Numerous companies and investors are developing toward NFTs and blockchain games, say their games embrace the metaverse, and predict cloud gaming is the way of the future. We examine the current stage of implementation of these critical themes in the games markets of Asia and MENA along with their future impact and identifies opportunities for growth and investment through 2026.

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