Aqua Simulacra: How to get, Ascension, stats, and who can use it in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impression’s Aqua Simulacra is a five-star bow that is an ideal match for off-field characters—particularly people who scale off HP—because it boosts the wielder’s HP and Injury whether or not or not they’re on the sphere. Its excessive Crit Injury substat additionally makes it simpler to roll for accompanying Artifact stats. This weapon can solely be obtained from the restricted banner, so you should definitely rating it on rate-up if in case you have a personality that may use it.

The way to Get

Aqua Simulacra may be obtained from the Epitome Invocation every time it is on rate-up. Every pull prices one Intertwined Destiny or 160 Primogems. It is extremely really useful to chart an Epitomized Path to ensure the weapon in your third pity depend, if not obtained earlier.

See Aqua Simulacra’s banner historical past beneath:

  • Epitome Invocation from Could 31, 2022, to June 21, 2022


  • Base Assault: 44 to 542
  • Substat: Crit Injury (19.2 to 88.2 %)
  • Passive: The Cleaning Kind—HP is elevated by 16/20/24/28/32 %. When there are opponents close by, the DMG dealt by the wielder of this weapon is elevated by 20/25/30/35/40 %. It will take impact whether or not the character is on-field or not.

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Ascension Supplies

Ascension Section 1

  • x10,000 Mora
  • x5 Luminous Sands from Guyun
  • x5 Gloomy Statuette
  • x3 Spectral Husk

Ascension Section 2

  • x20,000 Mora
  • x5 Lustrous Stone from Guyun
  • x18 Gloomy Statuette
  • x12 Spectral Husk

Ascension Section 3

  • x30,000 Mora
  • x9 Lustrous Stone from Guyun
  • x9 Darkish Statuette
  • x9 Spectral Coronary heart

Ascension Section 4

  • x45,000 Mora
  • x5 Relic from Guyun
  • x18 Darkish Statuette
  • x14 Spectral Coronary heart

Ascension Section 5

  • x55,000 Mora
  • x9 Relic from Guyun
  • x14 Deathly Statuette
  • x9 Spectral Nucleus

Ascension Section 6

  • x65,000 Mora
  • x6 Divine Physique from Guyun
  • x27 Deathly Statuette
  • x18 Spectral Nucleus

Who Can Use Aqua Simulacra?

Aqua Simulacra grants the consumer a 20 to 40 % Injury increase (relying on Refinement stage) no matter whether or not or not they’re on the sphere. This makes it an awesome selection for off-field characters as their assaults will constantly profit from the Injury increase even if you swap to a unique on-field DPS. As well as, the weapon’s passive HP increase makes it the right selection for HP-scaling models, corresponding to Yelan.

Whereas many characters can use Aqua Simulacra, there are a ton of incredible bow choices in Genshin Impression, so you might wish to discover different choices should you do not particularly personal Yelan. Listed here are all of the characters who can use Aqua Simulacra:

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