All Ghost Types in Phasmophobia | Strengths and Weaknesses


Gathering proof generally is a prolonged course of, as you may must carry out your Ouija boards, your cameras, thermometers, and a plethora of different gear. You and your different investigators will slowly discover this proof and are available to a sound conclusion of what ghost kind it’s; nevertheless, if you’re incorrect, put together to die.

There are 24 distinctive ghost sorts in Phasmophobia, and never a single one acts the identical; every has its personal strengths and weaknesses.

Replace: June 10, 2022

With the newest replace Cursed Possessions. Just a few ghosts have a brand new capacity or a brand new passive, that can assist you inform them aside, as a substitute of randomly guessing and hoping for the very best with solely two items of proof. We have added the brand new talents/passives under.

  • Ghosts will now solely use their bodily kind throughout hunts, as a substitute of shadow or translucent varieties.
  • All ghost talents have been adjusted to make them occur extra usually and extra persistently.

All Phasmophobia Ghost Sorts

Truck Overhaul Replace


  • Strengths: Deogen always sense the dwelling. You possibly can run however you possibly can’t disguise.
  • Weaknesses: Deogen require quite a lot of vitality to kind and can transfer very slowly.


  • Strengths: The weaker their victims, the stronger the Moroi turns into.
  • Weaknesses: Moroi endure from hyperosmia, weakening them for longer durations.


  • Strengths: Upon getting into the situation, Thay will develop into lively, defensive, and agile.
  • Weaknesses: Thaye will weaken over time, making them weaker, slower and fewer agressive.

Cursed Possessions Replace


  • Strengths: We’re not sure what this ghost is able to. Watch out.
  • Weaknesses: A number of stories have famous ghost orb sightings close to mimics.

Nightmare Replace


  • Strengths: Extinguishing a flame could cause an Onyro to assault.
  • Weaknesses: When threatened, this ghost will probably be much less more likely to hunt.


  • Strengths: When interacting with the atmosphere, an Obake will not often depart a hint.
  • Weaknesses: Generally this ghost will shapeshift behind distinctive eveidence.


  • Strengths: A Raiju can siphon energy from close by electrical units, making it quicker.
  • Weaknesses: Raiju are always distrupting digital gear, making it simpler to trace when attacking.

The Twins

  • Strengths: Both Twin might be angered and provoke an assault on their prey.
  • Weaknesses: The Twins will usually work together with the atmosphere on the identical time.

Exposition Replace


  • Strengths: A Goryo will normally onlu present itself on digital camera if there are not any folks close by.
  • Weaknesses: They’re not often seen removed from their place of dying.


  • Strengths: A Myling is thought to be quieter when looking.
  • Weaknesses: Mylings extra incessantly make paranormal sounds.

Base Recreation


  • Energy: A Bandhsee will solely raget one individual at a time.
  • Weak spot: Banshees concern the crucific and will probably be much less aggressive close to one.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: The singing siren, luring ghost hunters close to and much.


  • Energy: Demons will provoke hunts extra usually than different ghosts.
  • Weak spot: Demons will take much less sanity when answering by way of a Ouija Board.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: Probably the most aggressive and harmful ghost we’ve ever witnessed.


  • Strengths: Decrease temperaturs permit the Hantu to maneuver at quicker speeds.
  • Weaknesses: Hantus transfer slower in hotter areas.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: The chilly has empowered these ghosts a lot, it’s beginning to present.


  • Energy: A Jinn will journey at a quicker pace if its sufferer is way away.
  • Weak spot: Turning off the situation’s energy supply will forestall the Jinn from utilizing its capacity.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: These ghosts like to chase, disguise earlier than they see you.


  • Energy: A Mare can have an elevated probability to assault at the hours of darkness.
  • Weak spot: Turning the lights on across the Mare will decrease its probability of assault.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: The factor that goes bump within the evening, thriving in darkness.


  • Energy: Onis are extra lively when persons are close by and have been seen shifting objects at nice pace.
  • Weak spot: Onis are very lively making them simpler to seek out.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: New stories present many extra sightings, possibly these ghosts benefit from the concern in folks’s eyes.


  • Energy: a Phantom will drop your sanity significantly quicker.
  • Weak spot: Taking a photograph of the Phantom will make is briefly disappear.


  • Energy: Poltergeists can throw a number of objects directly.
  • Weak spot: With nothing to throw, Poltergeists develop into powerless.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: The ghost that likes to throw issues, be careful!


  • Energy: A Revenant will journey at a signficantly quicker pace when looking their prey.
  • Weak spot: Hiding from the Revenanty will trigger ot to maneuver very slowly.


  • Energy: Shades are a lot tougher to seek out
  • Weak spot: The Ghost won’t enter a hunt if there are a number of folks close by.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: The shy ghost, usually hiding in plain sight, solely displaying itself when actually mandatory.


  • Energy: Does not have one
  • Weak spot: A Spirit might be briefly stopped by burning Smudge Sticks close to them.


  • Energy: Wraiths virtually by no means contact the bottom, that means it could possibly’t be tracked by footsteps.
  • Weak spot: It reacts salt.


  • Energy: Speaking close to a Yokai will anger it, rising the possibility of assault.
  • Weak spot: When looking, a Yokai can solely hear voices near it.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: Be quiet, you wouldn’t need to wake it up.


  • Energy: Gamers Sanity is affected greater than standard.
  • Weak spot: Smudging the Yurei’s place of dying will lure it briefly decreasing how a lot it wanders.
  • New Cursed Possession capacity/passive: Masters of madness, making anybody loopy who comes into contact with them.

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