The Fastest Way to Type a Period on iPhone


iPhone keyboard.

The iPhone keyboard is without doubt one of the hottest keyboards on the planet, nevertheless it’s not with out its quirks. Surprisingly, the interval secret’s buried within the secondary structure. There’s a a lot sooner manner to make use of it, although.

The “default” iPhone keyboard structure doesn’t have the interval key subsequent to the spacebar like many different digital keyboards. It’s worthwhile to faucet the “123” key to search out the interval key on the secondary structure. That’s fairly annoying for such a incessantly used punctuation mark.

Showing the period on iPhone keyboard.

Why does Apple do that? There’s truly a easy trick that makes the interval key a lot much less needed. All it’s worthwhile to do is double-tap the spacebar to mechanically enter a interval. Test it out in motion under.

This shortcut ought to be enabled by default, but when it’s not, we are able to simply flip it on. Open the “Settings” app to get began.

Subsequent, go to the “Basic” part.

Go to "General."

Choose “Keyboard.”

Select "Keyboard."

Now be sure that “.” Shortcut” is toggled on.

Toggle the period shortcut on.

That’s all there’s to it! Who knew such a easy little shortcut may make typing on the iPhone a lot simpler? The interval key reveals up in the primary keyboard structure whenever you’re typing in an deal with bar, however that’s the one place. You’ve now solved one of many few iPhone keyboard annoyances.

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