How to Restart IIS Application Pool

The component contains arrangement settings that permit you to control when an application pool is reused. You can determine that Restart IIS Application Pool 7 reuse the application pool following a period span (in minutes) or at a particular time every day.

You can likewise design IIS to put together the reuse with respect to how much virtual memory or actual memory that the specialist cycle in the application pool is utilizing or 8 Ball Pool Coins And Cue to reuse the application pool after the laborer interaction has handled a particular number of solicitations.

At the point when an application pool stops, the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) closes down totally each and every specialist processes that are running and which serves that specific application pool. At the point when this occurs, every one of those closure laborer processes can’t be begun again by the Windows Process Activation Service.

At the point when the Restart IIS Application Pool application pool stops, it totally influences all the laborer interaction which serve that specific application pool. Furthermore, the site show up mistakes. At Bobcares, we frequently get solicitations to restart the application pool from the order line as a component of our Server Management Services. Today, we should examine how our Support Engineers restart it effectively for our customers.

What happens when the application pool will stop?

Assuming an application pool stops, first and foremost it shut down the Restart IIS Application Pool. Then the WAS stops each and every laborer interaction of that specific application pool.

Because of this, all the stopped specialist processes don’t begin again by the Windows Process Activation Service. Subsequently, the mistake ‘503 Service Unavailable’ is shipped off each and every application which is the course to the stopped application pool.

How to restart the IIS application pool from the order line?

At the point when our customers get mistakes in the application pool, they reach us to restart the application pool.

Our Support Engineers restart the IIS application pool by various strategies. It incorporates utilizing the UI, running the Appcmd.exe orders in an order line, making changes to the design documents or composing the WMI scripts.

Restart IIS Application Pool

We utilize the underneath order to begin an application pool in the order line.

  • appcmd start apppool/ abc

The ‘abc’ is the name of the application pool that we wish to begin. After type the order in the order line, we tap on the Enter button.

Restoring the Dundas BI application data set from a Restart IIS Application Pool data set reinforcement – this is essential to clear any old cryptography keys which might be stored in memory.


To put it plainly, we examined exhaustively what all happens when the application pool stops. Additionally, we perceived how our Support Engineers restart the application Restart IIS Application Pool from the order line.

On the Recycling Events to Log page of the Edit Application Pool Recycling Settings Wizard, select the configurable reusing occasions and run-time reusing occasions that you believe IIS should ship off the occasion log when they happen, and afterward click Finish.

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