How to Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu

We’ve rambled about running different working frameworks on a similar PC — whether it’s Windows and Linux, Windows and OS X, or something different — however what happens when now is the right time to dispose of one? This is the way to erase Windows or Linux from your framework after you’ve Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu them.

The interaction is very straightforward, however a large number of you ask us this when you go through your most memorable dual-booting process, so we’ve chosen to spread out the guidelines here for simple access. You truly should simply erase the segment on which your undesirable OS is introduced. That interaction will fluctuate a little in light of which OS you’re keeping, so the following are three arrangements of guidelines.

Trust me, introducing Remove Windows Itsc Fax and Scan in dual boot with Windows isn’t that troublesome an undertaking. Likewise, eliminating Ubuntu from dual boot is additionally not unreasonably convoluted. In the two cases, you want to take a touch of safeguards with plate segments. Having a Windows recuperation and legitimate reinforcements generally makes a difference.

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps for uninstalling Ubuntu from Windows dual boot. The steps ought to be similarly legitimate for some other Linux dissemination be it Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Arch and so on.

Anything that the reasons are, totally eliminating Linux from your Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu is fundamental due to the space it possesses on your hard circle however the uninstallation steps some of the time befuddle the clients and they find it troublesome in eliminating the Linux dual boot totally. Subsequently, this article will direct you through the expulsion of Ubuntu dual boot from Windows 10.

Uninstall Ubuntu securely from Windows dual boot mode

The interaction is made out of two sections:

  • Change the boot request in UEFI settings and give need to Windows Boot Manager. You may likewise erase
  • Grub passage from UEFI setting, assuming your framework gives you this choice. In the event that that doesn’t work then you’ll need to fix boot with a bootable Windows plate.
  • Erasing the Ubuntu parcel from Windows.

If all else fails, you want to have a bootable Windows plate or recuperation circle so you can utilize it to fix the boot in the wake of eliminating Ubuntu (if necessary).

Section 1: Run a second look just in case and make Windows as default boot chief

I maintain that you should have as couple of difficulties as could really be expected. What’s more, subsequently I suggest change the boot setting and make Windows boot administrator as the default choice to boot.

Allow me to make sense of a piece here. At the point when you introduce Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu, it adds Grub bootloader to your boot settings and makes it the default.

Thus, presently your framework has two boot loaders or boot administrator (anything you desire to call it). Grub gives you choice to boot into Ubuntu or Windows.

Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu

Windows boot administrator allows you to boot into Windows straightforwardly. Furthermore, this is the thing you will use here.

Step 1: Access UEFI boot settings

Before you continue and erase the Linux segment, it will be an insightful move to check in the event that you can make Windows boot chief as the default boot choice. Along these lines, when you remove Linux, your boot cycle will not be upset.

Step 2: Move Windows Boot Manager up the boot request

Presently your framework will boot into Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu settings. Presently, the following screen will appear to be unique for various frameworks and makers. You need to search for boot tab here.

On my Acer predator, it seems to be the picture underneath. Here, use bolt keys to choose Windows Boot Manager and press F5 to move it up the request. Press F10 to save and exit.

Presently, your framework ought to boot straight into Windows. To confirm, restart your framework two or multiple times and check whether the framework boots into Windows without showing the grub screen of Linux.

Assuming that occurs, you are all set with the following stage which is to erase the Linux segment and recover your circle space.

Section 2: Deleting Linux segment on Windows

We should perceive how to erase the Linux segment and expand your Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu plate with accessible freespace a short time later.

Step 1: Go to plate the executives

Sign into Windows. Press Windows+R and type diskmgmt.msc into the exchange box. This will open the Windows circle the executives tool.

Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu

Step 2: Identify Linux parcel

Since you introduced Linux, it’ll be simple for you to perceive the Linux segment by its size.

One more clue for distinguishing the Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu is to search for those that don’t have a record framework and drive number. Windows parcels are marked with a drive number, like C, D, E, and so on, and generally utilize the NTFS or FAT record framework.

As may be obvious, I have three Linux segments here as I made root, trade and home independently when I introduced Ubuntu.

Step 3: Delete Linux parcel

Select the Linux partition(s), right snap on them and pick the Delete Volume choice.

Remove Windows From Dual Boot Ubuntu

It will toss you an admonition – simply select Yes here.

Step 4: Extend Windows segment

The erased partition(s) will presently be accessible as a lump of free space. You can either expand the current volume or make another Windows segment from it.

I would propose that you make another drive (or volume or segment, anything you desire to call it) as this will be simpler on the off chance that you choose to dual boot Linux with Windows once more.

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