How to find the Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19


Discovering the Historical Metropolis beneath the depths of the world in Minecraft is easy, although it does take a little bit of looking out by the Deep Darkish Biome. You even have the choice to make use of the find cheat command to search out it even sooner.

The place to search out the Historical Metropolis in Minecraft 1.19

To search out the Historical Metropolis in Minecraft, you may have to navigate to the Deep Darkish Biome, since that is the one biome the Historical Metropolis will spawn inside. To get to this space, you may should be beneath degree zero. When you see the glowing lights, you may know you are on the right track. So long as you’re within the Deep Darkish Biome, it is comparatively simple to identify since it’s the solely man-made construction that exists inside this realm.

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The best way to use a cheat to search out Minecraft 1.19 Historical Metropolis

In case you discover that manually finding the Historical Metropolis throughout the Deep Darkish Biome is just too tough, you possibly can all the time use a fast cheat to search out the spot. Simply use the /find command to be given the situation of town. Particularly, you may wish to hit T, then kind in /find construction minecraft:ancient_city when you’ve got the Java version and /find historic metropolis when you’ve got the Bedrock version.

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