How to craft Clay Mold in V Rising

Farming Clay is comparatively straightforward in V Rising and could be present in crates, on corpses, barrels, and chests in varied strongholds. They can be utilized to craft Clay Molds and make many statues and gargoyles, however they require some work. Gamers should take out some bosses for some recipes in addition to have supply of water close to them. That is learn how to craft Clay Mildew in V Rising.

Crafting Clay Mildew In V Rising

The recipe for Clay Mildew is 9 Clay and one Water Crammed Canteen. Clay could be present in varied locations within the Farbane Woods. Settlements throughout can carry Clay in Chests, barrels, crates, or dropped by Bandits. Gamers might want to farm Clay, Animal Pores and skin, and Plant Fibre in an effort to get all of the elements. They can even have to search out and defeat Keely the Frost Archer for the recipe for an Empty Canteen.

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Crafting Empty Canteens

After defeating Keely the Frost Archer, gamers can create Leather-based by utilizing 16 Animal Skins. With each 4 Leather-based and 20 Plant Fibre, an Empty Canteen could be made. Utilizing both a constructed Water Provide, researched on the Analysis Desk, or touring to a river, gamers can fill the Empty Canteen with water. With each the Water Crammed Canteen and Clay, gamers can craft Clay Mildew within the Furnace and construct statues, gargoyles, and different decorations within the Citadel.

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