How To Check Xcode Swift Version

Now and again we really want to check what version of Swift we are utilizing, or, all the more accurately what version of Check Xcode Swift Version is utilizing. There are two different ways that we can do this, one is more exact assuming you need something other than the significant version. In our current more seasoned projects in some cases we face blunders due to the more established or fresher utilized Swift Version. Following is the least difficult method for checking and change the Swift version in Xcode.

Finding Swift version utilizing the terminal

This is the most reliable way and it is very simple:

  • /Applications/{THE XCODE VERSION YOU WANT TO CHECK}/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/container/swiftc – – version

In this way, to check the Swift version utilized for the default Master Royale IOS application we can refresh it to seem to be the accompanying:

  • /Applications/ – – version

To check the version of Swift that Xcode-beta is utilizing, we can utilizing the accompanying:

  • /Applications/ – – version

Etc. In the event that you have different Check Xcode Swift Version, or you have renamed Xcode, you want to utilize the name that you have given Xcode in the above order.

Finding Swift version utilizing Xcode

  • Go to the Project Navigator
  • Click on your task
  • Click on your task under Targets
  • Click on Build Settings
  • Look for Swift
  • Search for Swift Compiler – Language, it ought to have a property called Swift Language Version

Change Project Swift Version

As you can find in the above screen capture, we can straightforwardly change the Check Xcode Swift Version version in Build Settings. Be that as it may, subsequent to changing swift version you could see numerous mistakes in your task in view of the sentence structure changes among the different Swift versions. In the event that you are expected to redesign your Swift version, you can involve the automatic tool in Xcode. For that kindly play out the accompanying activity.

Check Xcode Swift Version

  • Alter – > Convert – > To Current Swift Syntax

That is all there is to it, this is how to check and change the swift version in Xcode. In the event of language structure blunders, to get further assist you with canning read the authority documentation for the Swift version you are meaning to update.

Assuming that you have any inquiries go ahead and pose to in the remarks area underneath.

Utilizing Xcode

Fire up Xcode and make a task utilizing the App layout from the iOS > Application segment.

Design the undertaking and advise Xcode where you might want to save the venture records on your machine.

To sort out which version of Swift the task utilizes, we investigate the form settings of the objective. Click the undertaking in the Project Navigator and examine the form settings of the objective by choosing the Build Settings tab at the top.

Enter Swift in the hunt field in the top right. One of the form settings of the objective is named Swift Language Version. I’m involving Check Xcode Swift Version for another venture is Swift 5.

You can change to an alternate version of the Swift language utilizing the dropdown menu. Xcode 14 backings Swift 4, 4.2, and 5.

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