How To Check WWN Number in Windows

Finish this job to find the overall port name (WWPN) for Windows Server 2003 or 2008 with an Emulex or QLogic connector. The following are instances of how to gather Check WWN Number in Windows using Windows PowerShell on Windows Server. Assuming these techniques bring about a blunder, or for WWNs, don’t recover the information required, kindly allude to your merchant’s Host Bus Adapters (HBA) documentation for the furthest down the line strategies to gather the information.

Dell PowerEdge R530 with two port SAS 12 G Check WWN Number in Windows. On the off chance that you really want to get the WWN numbers on your Windows Server 2012R2 open up a PowerShell with Administrator priviledges.

How would I find my WWN number in Windows?

  • Download the Fcinfo tool on the beneath. The Fcinfo tool bundle is in the connection underneath.
  • Install the Fcinfo tool in your OS. We want to install the tool in the OS.
  • Find the WWN number of the HBA.

run “fcinfo” order in Command Prompt. It will show up HBA associated with the server with Check Steam Game Version.

Check WWN Number in Windows


  • Open the Computer Management window. For.
  • Double tap Device Manager. A rundown of installed gadgets shows.
  • Extend Storage regulators and double tap the suitable Check WWN Number in Windows. The Properties exchange box for the HBA is shown.
  • Click Driver.
  • Obtain the most recent upheld adaptation from the Emulex or QLogic site.

How would I find my WWN server?


  • On the Windows 2012 desktop, open the power Shell order line. The order line screen is shown.
  • Compose the order beneath: Get-InitiatorPort. The WWN initiator ports will be shown.
  • Affirm the right procedure on the situation. Fire up Device Manager. The gadget administrator list is shown.

How would I find my QLogic HBA firmware adaptation in Windows?

Utilize the san_version.exe order to show the Check WWN Number in Windows Host Utilities form and the firmware and driver renditions of HBAs installed in the host.

  • About this undertaking. HBA information is shown exclusively for Emulex and QLogic FC and FCoE connectors identified in the host.
  • Model.
  • After you finish.

provided that this is true, what do you mean by “the alternate way is all the more remarkable” and it involves the iSCSI initiator – could I at any point utilize iscsi to interface with a FC LUN??? iSCSI initiator is an application in Server 2012 R2 (might be in prior forms, I don’t have the foggiest idea). I realize that you enter in all the information and it will go out to interface with a LUN.

In right sheet of Device administrator you will see SCSI and RAID Controller, extend it and right snap on fitting HBA – and check PROPERTIES. You will see Driver tab, and the variant of HBA Windows driver is recorded there.

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