How To Check Which Processor I have on Chromebook

If you’re not a successive ChromeOS client, determining a close by Check What Processor I have on Chromebook can be tricky. Numerous Chromebook clients are satisfied simply using the machines to ride the web and, in this way, don’t frequently have a need to check on things like processor model or memory use. Thus, this information can appear to be a bit buried.

Like on Windows PCs and Macs, it’s not difficult to check what equipment is powering your Chromebook. In spite of the fact that you could continuously research your device’s model name and number, that is excessive. You can find the CPU information directly on your Chromebook itself.

This article explains how to Check What Processor I have on Chromebook specs. Instructions apply to all devices with Chrome OS. Chromebooks are reasonable devices that are ideal for clients who need something to get online to completely finish a “genuine” console and display. They are great to watch a couple of videos, surf the web, check a few emails, and so forth.

However, they have made considerable progress throughout the long term and can do significantly more. More up to date models can run (some) Android applications and even Electronic Products from Samsung (if you need to get quirky). In any case, unlike other operating frameworks, there isn’t a simple method for seeing your framework’s equipment in Chrome OS, like RAM, CPU, and Storage.

How to check Chromebook CPU utilization


If a Check What Processor I have on Chromebook is running gradually, it could be useful to check CPU utilization to perceive how hard the processor is working and which applications it’s using that are the most taxing.

One of the easiest ways of doing this includes going to the Diagnostics page in Settings. You can easily find it by typing “Diagnostics” in the ChromeOS search bar and opening the settings section that surfaces. Once there, you’ll see a live diagram depicting CPU use, as well as temperature and current speed.

You can likewise check CPU utilization by heading to the ChromeOS Task Manager. To get to the Task Manager, hit Search + Esc. If you fail to remember that key combination, you can likewise get to the Task Manager via Google Chrome by hitting the three dabs in the upper-right corner and afterward going to More tools – > Task Manager.

Using the About System Page

The first technique for finding out what CPU is in your Chromebook doesn’t require any additional applications or extensions. On your Chrome OS device, open the Chrome program and type or glue chrome://framework into the location bar.

Check What Processor I have on Chromebook

This will bring you to your Chromebook’s or alternately Chromebox’s built-in “About System” page. There’s a ton of information to take in on this page, however we’re only interested in one thing. To find the CPU model, search for the “cpuinfo” section and click “Extend.”

In the extended information board, search for “Model Name.” This will show the name of the CPU in your Check What Processor I have on Chromebook. For my situation, it’s the Intel Core m3-6Y30. The processor’s speed will likewise be listed alongside the name.

Using a Third-Party App

The second technique for viewing what CPU runs in your Chome OS device utilizes a highly evaluated Chrome web application. It provides a cleaner interface with easier-to-grasp information.

Begin by opening the Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook and installing “Machine gear-piece – System Info Viewer.” You can do this by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button tracked down on the application’s page.

Once it’s installed, open the application cabinet by clicking the launcher icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, and afterward select the “Pinion” application.

The application will open and display information about your laptop or PC. You’ll see your Chromebook’s model name and processing speed under the “Computer processor” section. That is it! Straight to the point. You can utilize either one of these strategies to find different details, like RAM, Chrome version, and significantly more.

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